Wednesday, August 8, 2007

article about music in st. petersburg published at norient

my article "Heute Bundes, Gestern Warschau - Gedanken über Trends der St. Petersburger Populärmusik" (in german) about popular music in st. petersburg was just published at norient, a network for local and global soundscapes. the link is


Anonymous said...

Thanks! And that's an interesting blog .... Thomas

Sergio Mazzanti said...

My german is very bad: have you got something in English or in Russian?
Congratulations to Thomas for your "Norient", it looks very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sergio!
yes, these languages make things difficult... but we love them... Im sure David has written about the scene also in English.

dew said...

i currently have one publication in russian which should appear soon. but nothing yet published in english about russian popular music (just conference papers).