Friday, July 27, 2007

blog with russian music videos

Surfing through some russia-related-sites i found this blog with russian music videos:
(a search at youtube using any of the artists' names should give a lot more videos to watch)

Блог с русскими музыкальными видео

(русская версия - адаптирована Sergio Mazzanti)

Бродя по некоторым сайтам связанным с Россией я нашел этот блог с русскими музыкальными видео: (поиск в youtube введя имя любого из артистов даст намного больше видео на просмотр).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

launching with a call for abstracts

We would like to launch this blog on Soviet and Post Soviet popular music with a call for abstracts. Yngvar Steinholt, Mark Yoffe and I, David-Emil, will be editing a special issue of Popular Music and Society on Popular Music in the Post-Soviet Space. Deadline for the abstracts (max. 600 words) is September 1st, 2007. The special issue is set to be published spring 2009. See the call for abstracts below for more info.



Special Issue: "Popular Music in the Post-Soviet Space: Trends, Movements, and Social Contexts"

Guest-Editors: Yngvar Steinholt, Tromsø University
David-Emil Wickström, University of Copenhagen
Mark Yoffe, George Washington University

Fifteen years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, popular music is thriving in the former Soviet territories and covers a broad variety of genres. Among these are rock bands formed in the Soviet era, surviving legends of Soviet pop, and younger bands and performers of the 1990s and 2000s. Local and foreign musics blend as new impulses arrive from without and arise from within the region. Thanks to the most recent wave of Russian emigrants, these popular musics have also spread to various localities around the world, as exemplified by the phenomenon of "Russendisko" in Berlin or the Russkii Rok-Klub v Amerike (Russian Rock Club of America).

This special edition of Popular Music and Society aims to present research on contemporary popular music (broadly defined) in the former Soviet republics and their diasporas. A central issue will be how the musical landscape has changed since the collapse of the Soviet Union: What present trends can be observed? How has the Soviet context influenced the popular music of today? How is music performed and consumed? How has the interrelationship between cultural industry and performers developed? How are nationalist sensibilities affecting popular music and vice versa? What are the future potentials and orientations of popular music in and around this vast region?

Contributions are welcomed from researchers in all disciplines involved in the study of popular music in the post-Soviet space: popular music studies, ethnomusicology, Russian studies, literature studies, culture studies, sociology, history, linguistics, folklore, journalism.

Deadline for abstracts (maximum 600 words): 1. September 2007

Submission instructions: Submit abstract by e-mail to Yngvar Steinholt at:

yngvar.steinholt at

Tentative schedule:

1 September 2007: deadline for abstracts
1 September 2008: deadline for articles (must be in MLA format)
Spring 2009: special issue published

Journal websites: <> and