Thursday, July 30, 2009

Popular Music and Society on Popular Music in the Post-Soviet Space

A happy summer announcement: The journal "Popular Music and Society" (32:3 2009) titled "Popular Music in the Post-Soviet Space: Trends, Movements, and Social Contexts" of which Yngvar Steinholt and I, David-Emil Wickström, were guest editors is now out. Concluding about two years of editorial work (and a lot of really interesting submissions) the journal includes the following articles ranging from Russian pop and rock over Uzbek Estrada and Kazakh music videos to Georgian world music:

  • Yngvar B. Steinholt; David-Emil Wickström: "Introduction"

  • David-Emil Wickström; Yngvar B. Steinholt: "Visions of the (Holy) Motherland in Contemporary Russian Popular Music: Nostalgia, Patriotism, Religion and Russkii Rok"

  • Polly McMichael: "Prehistories and Afterlives: The Packaging and Re-packaging of Soviet Rock"

  • Stephen Amico: "Visible Difference, Audible Difference: Female Singers and Gay Male Fans in Russian Popular Music"

  • Tanya Merchant: "Popping Tradition: Performing Maqom and Uzbek “National” Estrada in the 21st Century"

  • Megan Rancier: "Resurrecting the Nomads: Historical Nostalgia and Modern Nationalism in Contemporary Kazakh Popular Music Videos"

  • Lauren Ninoshvili: "The Poetics of Pop Polyphony: Translating Georgian Song for the World"

The article abstracts and – for those who have access to the journal through the university library – the articles can be found at

happy reading! ;-)

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